Need Cover art for new story! Plz help

Im writing a new story and need some talented art work for the cover. If you can help me out please tell me …Sorry if im asking so much!!:disappointed_relieved:
i want a girl kissing a tall man but she has a gun in her garter belt and his gun i want him hold in his hand
-Girl details
*black diva curls
*peach skin
*a black sparkly dress (tight)
*Black lace garter
*blue eyes
*dark red lips

-Guy detailing
*black cropped hair
*peach skin
*narrow eyebrows
*Green eyes
*shirt less but perfect abs
*black ripped jeans

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The title is “My Mafia Loverboy”
Also the cover artists name
my name is Lily mae
also the background in an ally
Sorry im not talented at all
Also I will use all of them you create i love seeing all the art work <3

Do you want it drawn or edit

Hey i know this seems sad but what is the difference

I can



Check out my Instagram for more @editsbyleslie04

Please let me know before 24hrs or I’m declining my offer

Lol I’m bored and I have some free time so why not

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Drawing is when you draw the character and edits is when you cut out the character and put it on the background

A drawing seems best thank you for explaining it

By whom?

Oh gosh i hate picking… ill have my dog pick:joy:


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Lol mine is a dorkie

No I literally hate everyone but some people are ok ig lol

same dogs are my only love and the dorkie has spoke will you please do my art work sofia and lauren


K bye :joy:

I never thought this day would come * wipes away tear*


cAn I mAkE yOu a PrOfIlE pIc?


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Give me your deets now

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LOL im so confused whats deets im lame

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