Need cover art for story


I need help with cover art for my story! anybody?


@roniepisode does the best cover art on here!! She may be opening soon, check out her thread: Roni’s Cover Thread :heartbeat:


Thank you.!!


I can help if you still need it!


I do.!!! Please help I have a temporary one but I need one that will stand out


Would you like some examples?





Those are all just recent edits. They are all drawn but your story cover can be etheir. Drawn or regular.


Ok do you need to have an ideas of what the story is about? I don’t even know what I want the cover to be lol


Ye okay!


Can I try???


If you don’t mind…


Ye go ahead I guess. I dont dare much!


I just wanna try lol, so you can still do it :smiley:


Wait is it ink or lime


It’s Lime


Ohh um idk how to do it in lime lol but I can try :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you need


Your characters details, maybe what your story is about and how would you want them to look like


Can you read it I only have 5 episodes you don’t have to read all 5 just to get an idea of what it’s about. It’s called Twisted Perfection (Shadows from the past)