Need cover art for story


Can u send the detail :smiley:



*For your character…


Do you want me to send a screen shot of the character. Her name is Madison she works for a palace falls in love with the prince but he’s engaged to be married her ex from the past comes back in her life and he turns out to be the princes brother. So she’s stuck in between the both of them


Um send me like what her nose is or her hair style or the eyes ect.


Send me both of the guys details too if you want them in the cover :slightly_smiling_face:


You can do it! If your still learning this is great practice for you! It’s fine I swear.


No you can try it too I mean she can choose which one she wants at the end


No I swear. I’m fine. I’ll just do some random edits. You should try.


Yes you both can do it I’m about to send screen shots of how they look



Yesss we can both do it


Oh um… can u like write how they look like, like um how they are like the face shape and other body part because I won’t be positve that the character would look like how they are there