Need Cover Art! (if possible)

Hi guys!
I’m currently working on a new story, although since making part of one cover, my laptop pen broke, and my art turns to garbage as soon as I try using my finger to draw :cry: which is why I need somebody to do cover art for me, but for free if that’s possible. I’m offering to add you into the story for a few episodes or shout you out each episode, or something along the lines of that.
(The story is in ink by the way, as you could probably see by the pictures below)
I don’t need the cover straight away, so if you do decide to go through with it, take as much time as you need. (I’m tryna save for a new pen but I’m broke ugh)

Story name: One More Night

Characters: above I’d love the characters to be standing in a pose a bit like this, (the guy on the right, and the guy on the left.- below!
(hope that helps)
Background: And I’d like the background to be like an ombre blue color, a bit like this, below

I understand if it’s a bit too much, thanks!


Request from my art group on ig


will do! just need to know the name of the acc/group as i’ll be using my personal acc because i don’t have an instagram for episode. thanks :two_hearts::smiley:


It’s epy.snatched

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mmm…do you need it edited?