Need cover art / splashes (limelight) please

Hello I’m working on a new story and i would like some cover art done big and small and some splashes please :heart_eyes: if anyone can please let me know. For the cover art I can send the information about my character once’s someone offers to do it. But the splashes id like to look similar to this

But instead say “ With This Crown “ and the warning language strong themes and sound Beneath the title.

Also I’d like seperate ones similar but without the warning stuff. Still with the title but have chapter 1 next one chapter 2 all the way to chapter 12. If possible I know it’s a lot to ask and there’s no rush!

For cover art I’d like a pose like this! But with three guys.

If you will help I’ll send you my character details :heart:

I could probably help u with your splash :blush:

Awesome thank you (: do you need any information?

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Yes :blush:

What information do you need :heart: For the splashes I don’t want any character in it just the title looking the the picture and it say “ With This Crown” and then different ones that say the Episode One - Episode 12

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I can do it if u want

Just what font u want and what characters u want it to have :blush:

For the splashes no characters and the title of the story I want it to be like the example picture if possible :heart:
But I want “Crown” to be what’s red

Which one? The cover?

Ok :blush:


Just send me the characters details and what you want there posses to be and the outfits you want

Character details:
Male ONE:
body: ash 00
Brow: straight medium
Brow color: Black dark
Hair: tousled loose curls long
Hair color: Black dark
Eye: narrow almond deep sunken
Eye color: red
Face shape: Chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: hooked Grecian
Lips: Medium heart
Lip color: pink peach LT gloss

Male TWO:
body: gold 01
Brow: round soft
Brow color: blonde medium
Hair: messy undercut
Hair color: blonde medium
Eye: deepest downturned lidded
Eye color: purple
Face shape: square long jaw stubble
Nose: straight flat
Lips: full lower lip sharp
Lip color: fair neutral matte

body: neutral 02
Brow: high arch Angled
Brow color: dark brown
Hair: long wavy parted hair
Hair color: brunette brown
Eye: deep set false lashes Smokey eye
Eye color: green emerald
Face shape: diamond defined contour
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full round pouty
Lip color: red deep gloss

body: rose 03
Brow: male generic
Brow color: dark brown
Hair: long wavy
Hair color: dark brown
Eye: narrow almond deep smiling
Eye color: brown light
Face shape: triangle Chiseled scruffy beard
Nose: Roman straight broad
Lips: full heart large
Lip color: pink peach medium gloss

body: rose 02
Brow: arched medium
Brow color: dark black
Hair: Medium taper wavy
Hair color: aqua gray
Eye: narrow almond deep sunken
Eye color: blue aqua
Face shape: Chiseled angular
Nose: Grecian narrow
Lips: Medium straight natural
Lip color: rose light nude gloss

The POSE : I want them to be like the photo example I showed
I want the female to be sitting on a royal thrown chair and I want the guys surrounding her behind the chair. I want them to look like they are flirting with her and she’s smiling at the viewer.

*let me know if you need anymore information

The title I want to look like this picture also. To be in this font and color. The title is: With This Crown

I want it on the cover and also my Instagram

Thank you so much! :blush: let me know if you need anymore info

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Hello just wondering if you started yet or not :blush:

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Did you need anymore information? :blush:

I requests before u but I will get started soon

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I finished your splash:


I couldn’t do it with the same background :sweat: but I hope this is good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yesss! It’s perfect
I also wanted another one though that say with the title still but says episode one and then another episode 2 all the way to 12 if possible :persevere: I know your busy so if you can’t that’s okay. :heart::heart: But this is perfect thank you so much!

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yhe’s i could do that but It might not be fmiwjed until Saturday is that ok?

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