Need Cover For My Story...!

Title: Beat The Bitch

Author Name: @Gleszie.episode

Background: Anything relative



Main Character:

Skin: Light

Brow: Seductive Arch

Hair: Long Straight Hair - Black

Eyes: Upturned Bold - Green

Face: Oval

Nose: Soft Natural

Lips: Classic - Taupe


Love Interest:

Skin: Light

Brow: Thin Arch

Hair: Short Cropped Hair - Black

Eyes: Round Piercing - Black

Face: Defined Triangle

Nose: Button

Lips: Uneven - Terracotta

Extra Details: MC is a part of their family gang. And she’s a cold and manipulative girl. She’s a sniper and she’s also a car racer with her 2 brothers. And the love interest is a cold and stuborn everywhere. They’re going to be like a dog and cat fight with a twist. And many issues and problems where going to happen…

When You Need It: As soon as possible.:wink:

Animations are on you, i don’t mind. But relative with the details…

If i choose your work, i’ll do shoutout on my ig with your name and in every start and ending in every episode with your names on it. Just send your ig name…:wink:

Maybe I can help…?
I dont usually take req cuz I’m new but this sounds interesting
My example)



I’d love to help except I don’t think I’m good enough, I’m sure whoever helps will do a great job, anyways have fun with your story

Don’t say you aren’t good enough! At least try! You never know how good at something you are at until you try.

Thank but I think I should just stick with scripting

If that is what you are comfortable with, sure. But if you want to make that cover, then try.

Girl Outfit:
Top: Black With Gold Zipper Zipped Crop Top
Jacket: Maroon Ridged Moto Jacket
Bottom: Music Video Sparkle Black Tights
Shoes: Red Chelsea Boots And Socks
Accessories: Red Raising Star Earring
Accessories: Key Necklace
Accessories: Ear Piece With Mic

Boy Outfit:
Top: Vneck Shirt (Black)
Jacket: Weathered Leather Jacket
Bottom: Ripped Punk Pants
Shoes: Black Hipster High Top Sneakers
Accessories: Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)

I guess I could have one little go, but I don’t think it will be good enough


Don’t worry i can wait…:wink:

wait, so this is a contest or something? Numerous ppl make your cover and u choose between them?

I’m not so sure about that… but maybe yes maybe no…

Mine already sucks so…

No problem…

Here’s the picture, I tried

Your edit is amazing :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for this…:kissing_heart:

Your welcome, have fun with your story and if you need someone to do art for you just ask me and I’ll help :slight_smile:

tysm :heart: