Need Cover for story

Can anyone help me? I need a cover for my new story. :laughing:

Is your story in Ink or LL?

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Ink. Thanks for replying.

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it’s about my life when I got molested and am trying to encourage people your not alone he died in a freak car accident then she meets a guy later they fall in love she was told her parents were dead also the twist is this man who she thought was her uncle turn out to have kidnap her and waited until he was ready to break her spirit down and kill her childhood then. She only fifteen have to when all this happen turns out he also gave her everything when she died so now she just found out she pregnant it’s mess up a little cause the app keep missing up on me I need help I have that idea for it


Do you want it edited or drawn?:sweat_smile:


Drawn. Thanks so much

I think I can try im better at editing tho
here is me and my parnters thread