Need cover page

Hi! I am remaking my story. I have my added my old cover page with my ink characters but now deciding to do limelight, can anyone help me out with a cover page. The title is called Bad Girl at the New School


What do you need? Edit or drawn, love?

i guess maybe drawn since im gonna let the readers customize the main character

Good luck with it.sorry, I can’t do drawn sense

ill take anything to be honest. im not picky

I would love to make some edit for you dear but I am trying to make drawn arts. So, I don’t know if I can give you 100percent but I will try. Pm me with the character details

I can complete an edited one if you can’t @Teja_6274 :blush:

I don’t mind doing it since I’m free as long as the cover will use episode animation poses since I struggle with custom (:

Sure @M_H_C_Episode
So @jeckel666 can you please request it in her art shop

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here is a screen shot of the main character i made, title is called Bad Girl at the New School

Could you type out the details so there is no room for me to mistake any colours of facial features please! (:

basically the readers are gonna customize there character, so make it however u want

Okay, thank You!

hey love, any idea when the cover will be done?

I can start right now if you would prefer (:

yes, please and thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome (:

I’ll be done in around 20- 30 minutes :relaxed:

I apologise that it is late but here it is =

I Hope You Like It! Message me if you want any changes made (:

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looks great but can you change her clothes to the ones in the picture i showed you, or something close to it? sorry i should of mentioned that earlier, if not its all good :slight_smile:

That’s fine (:

It may take another 30 minutes or so since I’ll have to start the character outfit and pose from scratch :blush: