Need Cover Please!

Hi there! I’m Kiwi. The story I’m currently writing is named “Mi Amor,” and is a love story between two people from completely separate ways of life. I know it is a lot to ask for a free cover admission, but I will give you credit in every single episode and make sure that you are known. You are given free creative reign to do whatever you want, but, I would like the main character on it. Here’s her exact features:

º Style: LL
º Skin color: rose 01
º Eyes: round medium; green
º Face shape: diamond
º Lips: full heart; peach gloss
º Hair: long princess wavy braid; dark black
º Eyebrows: arched natural; dark black
º Nose: round button upturned

Thank you so much!

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small cover? do you want any texts? if so, what fonts? whats her outfit?

i can try but this is my first time doing LL :kissing: .

Hey, I would love to make it! You can pm me if you would like me to do it, examples if you want drawn, but I can also make edited one as well :heart:

Unfinished LL but that’s something how my style looks like

And finished INK but it’s a bit old I’m better now lol

Hello! May I see some examples of your work please? Thank you!

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here’s my latest :upside_down_face: .

I like it! Please pm me so we can talk more specifically :heart:

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