Need covers ? Come here for free edits


Hey everyone :revolving_hearts:
I am offering edits / covers for INK story’s . I can do any edit you want so just either pm me on here or DM me on my insta which is ellie.marie_episode :revolving_hearts: I am very fast, it usually takes me about a day or 2 to complete an edit depending how complicated it is. So if you need a cover somebody fast then I’m the one to do it … here’s an example of one of my edits xx


Hi can you please do one for me


Sure can we dm on insta ? Just because ive got limited reply’s on here @Helpieme




What’s your insta ? @Helpieme


Can you do a cover for me?:pray::hearts:


Sure let’s Dm on insta :revolving_hearts: what’s your insta @stev1997


@Writtenbystev :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


autumn34810 is my insta I need a cover please