Need Covers for my story! (willing to pay)*

Hey guys! I’m looking for an artist that can do covers for my story! I’m willing to pay :blush:

Type of story: LL

DM me some examples if interested

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I can. My examples at my art shop:

Hi I’m a digital commission artist.I’ll attach two of my sample works and my commission thread with more samples for you to look forward.Send me an email if you seem interested.

Commission Open


I love your work! I’m interested…
Would you be able to do a small cover and large cover?
I want two different poses lol :blush:

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Hi there.

I’m glad you liked my work.

But before I can let you know whether I could accept your commission order, would you mind sending me the cover details via email please.
For both the small and large covers if you would like me to do both.

Thank you



Sounds good!
I’ll email you the details!

Thank you :blush:

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Is it ok if I email you the details later? I’m at the fair with my daughter and she’s not letting me focus on the characters details lol :joy:

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Yes that is fine.Take your time.


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I can draw you an episode cover for free so just shoot me a dm on Instagram JusTForStoryLife! Thanks

Thank you @KKkk.episode6 .I do have insta but it is no longer active.

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