Need Covers for my story!

Hii everyone!
I’m starting out a new story in the Drama genre and I need someone to make covers for it. I don’t have the characters to be placed on the cover because I’ll be giving the reader the option to choose the gender. The theme of the story is the MC and some other characters suffer from mental health issues and I want to indicate their situation through the cover. Since I’m not an artist I only have a rough idea how the cover should be. If anyone would like to help me out, please drop a text here or on IG. My handle is @mukta.episode. Have a great day beautiful people! :blob_hearts: :blush:


I can help you! I haven’t made a cover without characters before, but if you want me to help you, you can PM me and we can write about it. (Just get some more details, which might be useful)

(I’ve got some examples but only with characters, but here’s a link to my shop where you can find several examples: Art & Edit Shop (For free))

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Hii @v.h_episode! Thank you for replying to my thread. Here are some images which matches my idea:


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I want to depict that the character is alone. These are the pictures I have taken from pinterest.