Need covers plz- grace <3



I need Episode Covers really badly (small and big), I am almost done with the third episode in my story and totally forgot about one. Can anyone help? I can give you the descriptions, clothing, and everything. Plz reply if you can.


Hello! I can help Just give me the details


Thank you so much! Let me get what the MC looks like…


I am not trying to cut in but i could help you wit either small or big cover or if you need splashes but its ok if you don’t want


What MC looks like:

Alex has chestnut classic cropped hair, brown classic round eyes, tan skin, button nose, uneven terracotta lips.

Eliza: beach wave black, blue upturned luxe, olive skin, soft natural nose, classic orange crush lips.

Dress them in modern clothing (any way you want)

Story name is- Life Of A Hero
(it is Episode Ink)

Written by- Grace & Mia

(anyone can)


how do you want your cover to look like


I’ll get right on it. Is there any specific background and poses you want them in?


I am not very picky on how they are posed, probably them just standing next to each other or looking at eachother. Background can be any of the various beach backgrounds.


Okay, thanks!


Could i do the small cover or something


yeah! thats cool.


How do you want it to look like and can you give me the poses please


So she’ll do the small cover and I’ll do the large?


i think so pretty much


Yeah, I think that would work out great. They can pose face to face or kinda like the New Girl cover (if you have seen that story on Episode).


wait for the lrge or small


You are doing the small, Chesirekitten101. TheDoodleNoodle is doing the bigger one. So this is for either, idc.


Yeah I know that but I dont understand the poses MC etc


They can just be looking or admiring eachother.