Need Cruise Ship Backgrounds

Hey there, I need a bunch of cruise ship backgrounds & overlays-both exterior and interior. I also need water & ocean overlays as well as party decorations fit for a cruise ship. I’ve checked out Pixabay but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so here I am…if you have really cool ones, I’d love to use them and of course I’ll give credit! :blue_heart:

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I’m still working on some more and will add them when they’re finished but here’s some to get ya started. :smile_cat::tulip:

Brace Yourself

And the wall overlay:

Just a hall:

And then this one here:

And the wall overlay:

And the deck:
And then this one:

And here’s the overlay so you can toss any background you want behind it:

Okay there’s still more:

Also comes in night:

Or use your imagination and dine anywhere:

Okay I think that’s everything for now. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I know others were looking also. Feel free to use any and all that you want. :wink::tulip::tulip:


If you are adding like diving scenes I found some underwater backgrounds.

Sea BGs

Credit to @backgroundfactory

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That is perfect, thank you, you are so awesome :heart_eyes_cat: :heart:

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Thank you so much to both of you :revolving_hearts:

Couple more for ya: :wink::tulip:


And some nautical banners for the railing:


Hope this helps. :dizzy::tulip:

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You’re srsly the best :heart_eyes_cat:

Also I’ve associated this :tulip: emoji with you, hope you don’t mind :smile: :revolving_hearts:

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Of course I don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: FlowerGriefer leaves a flower wherever she goes :wink::tulip:
If you want anything made I didn’t think of just holler and I’ll see what I can do. :dizzy::tulip:

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@Sydney_H may you please close this thread? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you :heart:

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Closed by Op request. :smiley: