Need Cruise Story Cover Art!

Hey everyone!
I’m very new to forums and somewhat new to writing stories, however I have several unfinished. I was wondering if anyone could make me a nice Cruise Story cover art? I will attach pictures of the default main character (who can be customized by the player), and her love interest. Obviously, these pictures are only for reference since the quality is pretty bad. Please try to use the same outfits they have on in the pictures for the cover art. I am really making this story thrilling and romantic (and pouring many hours into it) so I would love for this cover art to look professional and reflect the others on episode. If you are interested, please message me. I will discuss further details or answer any questions you may have.

Catherine Sky

Would a edited cover be okay?

Sure, I’m just seeing what someone can do. As long as it wouldn’t get any copyright trouble

Well in my shop are some talented people, you can request there and choose a preferred artist!