Need custom backgrounds!

Is there anyone here that makes good custom backgrounds? for free. Please and thank you

Looking for I need a football field,press conference , lockers with custom names, bleachers, and this

I can pay a little but not much :frowning: looking for the regular episode style

I would suggest describing the bacjgrounds you need in the og post, maybe some style examples as well. And looking around at some shops there are and background threads on the forums.



What’s your budget and in what currency, I know a couple people that you may be able to commission

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15-20 usd

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@episode_opal and @saleemepi6 are people I’ve comissioned before, I’d suggest checking them out :slight_smile:


Hey love I can also make these for you within your budget if you’d like. You can check out my background drive here for my style:

Hi I’m not looking for that style rn ty tho

Do u have any examples from opal?

No worries! I hope you find what you’re searching for!

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She sent me some in PM, I’m not sure if she’d be comfortable sharing. She can do more realistic and cartoon style and a mix. This is the thread I originally reached out to her because of Opal's Art Shop🥰 (Paid Art, Background and Title Commissions OPEN- 50% sale if you order within the next 24 hours!)

I only just commissioned her so I haven’t got my backgrounds yet or else I could show you😅

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Thank you so much for suggesting me. I really appreciate it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: