Need designs for outfits

hey, i’m looking for someone who could design outfits for me as i am horrible!
my story is in limelight and the outfit styles are like of wealth
so quite classy girls and boys clothes
so casual and formal clothes, thank youuuu :smile:

Hey :wave:

I do outfits. DM me on insta - wenna.mac.stories

okay will do !

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Can I help?

yes of course !

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But I don’t have an insta. Is that okay?

that’s fine you can do them here :slight_smile:

Sure thing.

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Do I send you a pic or just the details?

a pic would be better but whatever you find easier

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Okay, as you wish

Hi, check out our shop!! :heart_eyes:

will do thank you !

Sorry I took long enough. Is this okay?

yes that’s so cute ! thank you

No prob. Glad I could help

Hi! Dm me on Instagram :kissing_heart:

will do x

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Here’s my design: