Need desperate help with ideas and coding!

I am literally dying - I have not been able to advance in my story coding for two reasons;

  1. I am having trouble coding positions and movement of overlays and
  2. when I drafted out my plan, I think I left too many holes because I know how I want my story to end and bits in between but have no idea other than that
    If someone could help co-write the story I have in mind, I would be eternally grateful!!!

Story: (Basically, the story is about different realms ie. water, fire, air etc, and then throw in a romeo and juliet plot line where a boy from the fire realm and a girl from the light realm want to be together blah blah. I honestly don’t even know if this is a good idea or not I am just so confused)

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I love the story line hmu

You can check out this for the overlay part :blush::

And for the second part; you could maybe ask here :thinking::

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It’s a great idea. I could definitely help!