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Hey! If anyone needs helping with any coding, just respond to this and I’ll see if I can help :slight_smile:

A Little Side Note: If you need help with an error, please search it up within this thread to make sure it hasn’t been answered already!


I need help. Can you help me with the transitions and the clothes changing

Different types of transitions
@transition fade in/out
@transition iris in/out
@transition shade up/down
@transition curtain in_top/in_bottom/out_top/out_bottom
@transition curtain in_left/in_right/out_left/out_right

Changing clothes
You can use:
@CHAR changes into OUTFITNAME
@CHAR previews outfit OUTFITNAME



I need help again.

Free to help. :slight_smile:

Hello im a beginner creating a story and I checked all the tutorials on youtube and im still stuck on everything like I try to place a character on a certain position and it says that the coding doesn’t exist when it does and its hard I really want to write my story but I cant when I cant do the coding or simple things I really need your help

If you want to place a character on screen, the basic spots are:
@CHARACTER stands screen right
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@CHARACTER stands screen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen right
@CHARACTER stands back far left
@CHARACTER stands back left
@CHARACTER stands back right
@CHARACTER stands back far right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left

Something a little more advanced (not hard at all) would be spot placing. Here is a thread that covers that.

Also, if you search Joseph Evans on youtube he has many tutorials that teach you the basics of directing and more advanced things!


thanks this really helped alot :slight_smile:

Here to help. :wink:

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Hey, I meant to ask a thing, but then I saw ine if the replies and niw I have two things :woman_shrugging:

What does this do?

Is there a code to copy/duplicate character in the story? I wanted to make a scene of MC watching photos in album. There is an overlay with holes in as place for pictures, and because I would be paning between them, I’d be needing more MC-like characters. Edit: The MC was customizable.


  1. I think it’s another way to change outfits.
  2. I don’t think there is (Episode should make a way though). I think you actually have to go back to the character settings and create the same character.

Hey, I originally made this thread for me to help other people but I’m happy you were also able to give advice.:smile:

Oh sorry, I figured you were inactive since it was created 14 days ago.

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  1. It’s the same thing as @CHAR changes into OUTFITNAME, but you can do @CHAR unpreviews OUTFITNAME to put them back in their previous outfit.
  2. Yes, use @DUPLICATE becomes MC
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Anytime. :wink:

Well I created the thread, so I’d get all the notifications :joy:.

Do you know how to get those white dummies in a scene? The mannequins. what’s the commands to place those etc. ?

You can create characters and select “none” for their eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and hair (unless you want them to have wigs). If you want the template for the mannequin dressing game, check this out:

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