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you need to use layers, check my thread: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

how do i make terrel one of my charecters walk to the layer i did this &TERREL walks to spot 1.163 159 74 in layer 2 but im not sure if i wrote it correct can you tell me what im doing wrong?

try layer -1, if you’re using layer you need to move your other characters to the layers as well

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I was wondering how you make the gun sound ,sound multiple times and how would i write it?

Gun sounds from Episode:

You can find a list of music/sounds here: Sound Effects and Music Index

How to add music/sound: A Simple Guide to Using Sound Effects and Music

So in your script you can write:

sound gunshots3

thanks ill see if it works

Could you possibly code a intro for my story?

I’m having trouble with one of my overlays to show up and i think the coding may be wrong i don’t know but if anyone could help it would mean so much to me but please write the code since im kind of bad at fixing things lol and thanks

@overlay DRAGON FIRE opacity 1 in 0

Put the word opacity after the name of the overlay : )

Also, this is how you would add an overlay into the middle of your scene:

You’d replace OVERLAYNAME with the actual name of your overlay and change the numbers to match the position of where your overlay is at : )

thanks ill see if it works

i was wondering how to make a charecter run fast and slow

is their a code were you can make a charecter run like really fast like flash fast :joy: if so how do i write it

@CHAR walks to spot (x,y,z) in .1

Anything between .1-.5 is really fast


I think i did something wrong beacuse my MC slides when i did it and i want her to run im not sure what i did wrong?


@RAIN walks to spot 1.280 50 0 in zone 3 in 0.5 AND RAIN does it while run_athletic

Also you are writing -.5 which is a negative value and we all know that seconds don’t go backwards when one is walking :sweat_smile:

What @ Jadlyss meant when she wrote .1-.5 was that any number from .1 to .5 is very fast when it comes to spot walking.

Good luck : )

oh thanks for the help ill see if it works thank you once again :slight_smile: