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THANKS IT WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!![quote=“Apes, post:470, topic:41060, full:true”]
delete “in zone 1” it should work then

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&ALENA enters from left to spot 0.947 157 173 at layer 1 in zone 1 AND ALENA faces right AND ALENA does it while run_athletic i am having a n error with this and every time i fix it i can seem to solve it ?

you cant’s use zone and layer in this command (you can’t use layers at all unless it’s AND CHARACTER move to layer #)

Dose anybody know how to do the ghost affect on characters

Sorry for a late answer! You can use walk talk animation :smiley:

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Thanks you so much! Do you also know how to fade overlays in and out?

I want to be able to make it so if someone chooses monolids, then their family will too. How do you make it so if they tap on “monolids” but then choose a different eye shape, their family goes back to the original eye shape i set place? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense

how do you have characters run spot to spot like this:
@STEVEN runs to spot 0.813 249 156 THEN STEVEN faces left
@THOMAS runs to spot 0.839 221 143 THEN THOMAS faces left
@MIKE runs to spot 0.866 275 128 THEN MIKE faces left

and how do you make them run or walk all together

Here’s an example:

&STEVEN walks to spot 0.813 249 156 in 2 AND STEVEN does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop THEN STEVEN faces left
&THOMAS walks to spot 0.839 221 143 in 2 AND THOMAS does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop THEN THOMAS faces left
@MIKE walks to spot 0.866 275 128 in 2 AND MIKE does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop THEN MIKE faces left

P.S I used a limelight running animation but you can use any walking or running animation that’s available

So, basically for the two characters above, you’d use & and for the third last person written, you’d use @ which means the action for all three would take place at the same time.
Also, in 2 just means it takes 2 seconds for them to run to that spot (it can be any number of seconds, 0.1, 2, 5.5, etc.) Also, notice how all of them are running for 2 seconds (the same pace)

@transition iris in/out in black in 0
Im having trouble writing this and it has a error i was wondering if i was writing this transition right

@transition iris out black 2

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I don’t know why but I keep on getting “Error 11” When I try previewing a certain part of my script. anyone know why?

can you show your script? it might be an error somewhere

it starts right at Ext. cafe - day

did you create an outfit called Bonus? It’s not pink.

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well thanks. i put a capital B but it’s bonus…

are you still getting error?

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no it’s fine now. thanks :sweat_smile:

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