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did you create an outfit called Bonus? It’s not pink.

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well thanks. i put a capital B but it’s bonus…

are you still getting error?

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no it’s fine now. thanks :sweat_smile:

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How do you make a character have family so that you can customize them to look like that character as well, and after that how do you make them look like the character?

Check out:

So i was tryign to write @music city_ambientlp so the sound will play throughou the scene i had it in but i keep getting an error can it be possible to write it like this so the sound will loop just like in music

remove the @ in front of music

Also, I’d recommend checking out this on sound & music: A Simple Guide to Using Sound Effects and Music

A very helpful thread ^^

it worked and thanks for your help

No problem :smile_cat:

CELESTE (talk_smile_happy_loop)
At least I found an apartment under the span of 5 minutes!
Or else we would’ve been in deep doo doo!
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I guess that’s true.
Deep, deep doo doo.
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You know what?
I’m up for a slushie.
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Yes, ma’am.
Let’s get changed first.

My character keeps standing off screen for some reason please help

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

Its a new scene the spotting is all there. CHARACTER10 is 0.740 116 254 in zone 3 while CHARACTER7 is 0.780 686 221 and shes the one messing up

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omg thank you so much it worked

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Dose anybody know how to do the mirror affect?

Thanks you so much

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Can someone help me? My zooms aren’t working.