Need Directing Help? This is the Thread for You!

can you post your script?

never mind, I fixed it. i had

} “choice” {

and then all the dialouge after would be played no matter what choice

thank you anyway, though

I need help with the point counter
Thank you

I need to add multiple overlays, but I can’t find anywhere how to do it. I tried to do INT. BLACK - NIGHT with THE OVERLAY AND OTHER OVERLAY, but it didn’t work. Can you please help me?

Read this:

Check out: DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

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Is there a way to change some ones hair for one part only?

@YOU changes hair into Hair Style

That’s all ^^

You can change the hair style back by writing that command again in your script but replacing Hair Style with one that exists.

Ok, Thank you

No problem :balloon:

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I once read the story “Death the girl” and it had the matching shirt to the boho tights but I can’t find it anyone know how?

Hey can you help me? I’m writing in episode limelight and can’t figure out how to zoom. I tried searching but couldn’t find anything, can you help me?

check out this thread :wink:

Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

I have an error with a choice i’m trying to write, it says 'unexpected block end… did you forget to put the ‘{’ that goes with ‘}’ Blah blah. I’ve read over my code so many times and cannot figure out what is wrong with it, please help!

can you post your script or upload a screenshot?

OLIVE (talk_think_neutral)
What should I do about this?

“Die” {

@ OLIVE is think_rubchin

@pause for 2

@ OLIVE is fall
@ OLIVE is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_awaken

&sound dundundun

} “Run away” {

@ OLIVE is think_rubchin

&pan to zone 3 in 3
@ CHARACTER walks to screen right in zone 3 in 3 and CHARACTER does it while run_super_speed_loop

&sound dundundun

} “Call the police” {

@ OLIVE is react_startled_subtle

&sound phone_numberdial
@ OLIVE is text_phone_sad_loop

@pause for a beat

&sound phone_calling
@ OLIVE is listen_phone_sigh

@pause for a beat

911, what’s your emergency?

@ OLIVE (talk_phone_surprised)
HELLO, yeah some help would be great

@ OLIVE is listen_phone_confused

@pause for a beat

A-are you sure ma’am?



Ohh okay thank you!!

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What codes does you use when you give credit for backround? It comes popups at the top of the screen. For exampel " credit to lilaepisode for this backround and overlay"

Hi! I just started writing on the online platform, and I’m so confused! I have so many questions! How do I let my readers choose their character’s name? And how do I move the character to center stage? How do I preview a chapter on my computer, because right now when I press preview it just pops up as a black rectangle. This is all so confusing! :thinking::no_mouth: