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@maria.y .0. It worked!!! :smiley:

Thank you so so much x3

No problem! :grin:

please how do i make pop up from the topbar side. you know the ones that just appear for few seconds

readerMessage Your message here

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Hi guiys, i tried customizing my character after copying the template from episodelife but so many errors with eyebrow, eyeball color and some others. now am stock. pls help

Could you send me a screenshot of the errors?

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Hi! i was just wondering if it is possible to find 1 word or phrase that is repeated throughout the text and change all of the times it is repeated to something else.

for example: you want to change something that says @character1 to @character2 but it is repeated so many times you would rather replace them all at once than replace them all by hand. is this possible?

sorry if this is a little hard to understand, this is my first time making a story and i am a little confused and new to the concept.

I’m new to writing and have watched just about all the videos but I just cant seem to rap my head around how to add a background and have it be full screen. Also moving characters along said background. Can you help?

Yes, go to the “find in script” bar at the top and then type in “character1” or “character2” and then click all and type in your real character.


Full screen? Like 3 zones? You’ll have to code the characters in the background.

Can you please show me how?

If you want the characters to stand behind the characters in the front, use back positions:
@BCKRND1 stands back left
@BCKRND2 stands back right
@BCKRND3 stands back far left
@BCKRND4 stands back far right

Thank you for your help on my previous question. If its ok i have another question for you.

so i have the code for letting the reader choose the name of their character but when i preview the story it ends up saying “auto bot” rather than letting them actually choose the name. i will attach the coding i have and what happens to help you. one image will be attached to this and the others replied to my reply as i am only allowed to put one image onto a post.

It’s not working on the Web Preview, test it on the app :slight_smile:


On the web previewer, every input is always “Auto Bot” (I learned that the hard way :sweat_smile:).


Hi guys. Please how do i get my character to face back?

Character facing rear left:


@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is rear

Character facing rear right:


@CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is rear

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