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hello i need help again i am doing a story on episode in ink version and i want my main charecter to run on a looping scene and im having trouble on how to write the coding so she can run how do i write the coding so my charecter can run ?

You can do:
@CHARACTER is run_neutral
@CHARACTER is run_jog

How do you make it look like the character is driving?

There isn’t a specific animation that is used for driving, but here are some that might work:
LIMELIGHT: idle_paper_neutral_loop (just don’t add the paper prop)
INK: idle_hold_drink(this one might look a little weird but try it out!), sit_type_loop

how do I pause for more than one beat?

just do @pause for #

(# means how many seconds you want it to pause)

@pause for a beat
@pause for

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I have another question when I add music and want it to stop do I just write music off because it’s not working for me at all when I write music off and im writing on ink version and is their a certain code so I can turn off the music ???

No, it’s the same for all styles: music off
If there’s an error could you send me a screenshot of it?

Okay, so you know how when a character talks, the speech bubble tail is pointed at them? Well, I had to fix something and it ended up changing the tail bubble to stay in the same place, but I want it to go back to the speech bubble tail being pointed at the character talking. Help?

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Try @speechbubble reset

tysm, it worked! And apologies for wasting your time with dumb questions. :sweat_smile: