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@CHAR is idle

This should turn her back to the front.


thank you so much!


I dont know what im doing wrong can you please help


it keeps on doing the same thing and i cant fix it?:confused:


Thank you so much!!!


You can’t use the “@follow” command with spot directing.


&pan to zone 2
@RAIN walks to spot 0.504 111 197 AND RAIN does it while walk_neutral


I was wondering how you take out a prop away from a charecter beacuse my charecter has it for like every scene


@remove PROP from CHAR


How can i exit my characters from the scene


@CHAR exits right


@CHAR exits left


Hi If you were to Preview your story on your Laptop or Computer will it Preview the Same to the Readers or do I need to use my Phone?


How do you have a blank name?


Script Name: YOU
Display name:

…And yep, that’s all-go the character that you want their name shown as blank-once you’re on them, it’ll say their script name and display name.
Erase their display name so there’s nothing there and save.

So, in script, you’d write:
Nice to meet you.

But to the readers and when you test it on mobile, it would look like:
Nice to meet you.

[BLANK] - meaning there is nothing there at the top of the speech bubble.

YOU was just an example character I used-it can be for any character : )


The preview on your writer’s portal (web browser) is a bit buggy sometimes. I suggest using the mobile previewer.


Thank you! :grin:


I have one more question how do you zoom out slowly say I was zoomed on a Character to 200% how would I zoom out slowly?


How do I code the speech bubble that pops up above the characters?


readerMessage might be what you’re talking about.
Here is an example.

All you have to type is…

readerMessage (insert text here)

The M MUST be capitalized!


Thank you so much
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