Need Directing Help? This is the Thread for You!



Hey! I have a pretty detailed directing scene that I don’t quite know how to portray. If anyone could help me figure it out then that would be great!

So, I need a zoom-in scene where my MC’s notebook falls out of her backpack. I’ve seen things like this happen in some really well-done directed stories, & the rest of my story won’t really make sense if this scene doesn’t happen. I know this part will most-likely need personal art to be made (which I can figure out), but I’m still new at directing and wouldn’t know how to pull off the scene even if I already had the art, haha! Again, I really appreciate any help or advice given. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I want Sebastian to enter and then run to a certain spot but i think I’m doing something wrong because he just stands still what do i do ?


use @ instead of &


I want multiple charecters to enter while running and then run to a certain spot example
i want alena,mich,grace to enter while run_athletic and then run to a certain spot so would i need the & for bot codes ?


Yes :slight_smile: if you want them to run on the scene together :slight_smile:


ill see if it works >_<


Try enters from left to spot % X Y instead of entering them and then walking to spot


delete “in zone 1” it should work then


THANKS IT WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!![quote=“Apes, post:470, topic:41060, full:true”]
delete “in zone 1” it should work then


&ALENA enters from left to spot 0.947 157 173 at layer 1 in zone 1 AND ALENA faces right AND ALENA does it while run_athletic i am having a n error with this and every time i fix it i can seem to solve it ?


you cant’s use zone and layer in this command (you can’t use layers at all unless it’s AND CHARACTER move to layer #)


So I’ve seen writers make characters walk while they’re talking. Like if Sasha is saying good-bye and while she says that, she walks off.