Need Directing Help? This is the Thread for You!

@CHARACTER spot xyz
@pan to zone # in S
@pan to zone # in 5 (back to the zone where your characters are standing)
@CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in S

Did it work?

it said “error, could not convert string to float: s.”

I’m sorry. I’m so confused.

Oh :joy: S means seconds

lmaoooo, im new to this. I don’t know most of these acroynms. sorry

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It’s okay. :blush: Sorry, I didn’t knew that you don’t know these things :see_no_evil::slightly_smiling_face:
Was the same with me in the beginning :blush:

lmaooo, its okay. I’m still confused as hell. Can you dummie it down for me? It’s not working.
Sorry for annoying/bothering you. Do I need to change my spot directing?

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he’s still not near the fireplace :(:pensive:

You don’t bother/annoy me at all :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad when I can help :blush:

That’s because you have to addthe zone in you rspot directing. Wait, lemme correct it:
@ KESIAH spot 0.961 156 207 in zone 2 AND KESIAH starts idle_rear AND KESIAH faces left
@cut to zone 1
@pan to zone 3 in 5
@pause for a beat (you don’t have to add it)
@pan to zone 2 in S (so replace the S with any number you like, the number is the time duration)
@ROSELLA walks to spot 1.085 42 89 in 1

Tell me if there is another problem :blush:

:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: You’re welcome :blush:

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Hi again. :joy: :joy: I need help with directing. I want my character to exit from one scene to another one. For example, I want my character ROSELLA to exit from the regency study room into the la city

@ ROSELLA exits right
@transition fade in
@ ROSELLA enters from left to screen left

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Hi! I’m having issues with my script regarding tappable overlays- I’ll try to explain the situation the best I can:

So the MC walks into the scene (town) and I put in tappable [pan:1:3:hor] “LOCATION EASEL 3” {
} so that the player can explore the area. From there, I want to include three separate (tappable) overlays. Each overlay, when tapped, would bring the MC to a different area.

I want to make it so that the player gets the option of whether or not they want to enter the area. So if the player tapped OVERLAY1, they would then get a choice like “You chose to go to [LOCATION]. Would you like to proceed?” If they choose “yes”, they enter the scene. And when that scene is complete, they return to the initial area to continue exploring. If they choose “no”, they can just continue exploring the area. Once the player is done exploring, they have to tap a specific overlay and then the story will continue as is.

I want it to be completely open- the player gets the complete choice as to whether or not they wish to explore the two optional areas before they have to continue the story (if that makes any sense).

It’s basically like how in Caitoriri’s The Infected (I think episode four or one of the earlier episodes when the MC is in the store gathering items?) the player can choose whether or not they want to take certain items (and the player can still continue “exploring” after making an item choice)

I can’t seem to figure this out. Any help is appreciated! If you’d like, I can send you the part of the script I’m having trouble with. Thank you so much either way! :smile:

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I recently did a pannable scene with tappable overlays but I’m not pretty good at it. Maybe I can help you when you send me the script, not sure though.

thank you for helping. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No problem, you’re welcome :blush::heart:


hello , please how do i make a character walk from one zone to another zone without breaking the zones . i hope you understand what i mean please