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I have a question is their a code were you make the charecter run without stoppin like the charecter runs forever in a loop scene and im using ink version?I also want the charecter to run in a certain place is their any codes for that?

Yes, you can use:

(these are all loops)
If you just say: @CHARACTER is run_jog , the character will stay in the same place


Hi I was wondering how you make a character talk but from another room like for example the main character is in her room then she hears her mom yelling to her and the main characters mom is saying that MC needs to hurry up because do i just write NARRATOR (MOM) ??? because it doesn’t look write to me and it doesn’t look like her mother is speaking to her at all

Yes, here’s the code:
If you want it from the left side write:
@MOM stands offscreen left

And if you want her talking from the right side:
@MOM stands offscreen right

Here’s an example:
@MOM stands offscreen right

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Is it possible to change colour and bold certain pieces of text? Like in “It All started with a bra” I’m pretty sure, when the main character promises never to swear, and whenever they ‘swear’ it would be like: This kind of writing with different colours Maybe its just got an asterix, I’ll check it out

Yes, there’s a tab called “text effects” in your episode builder. Here’s the syntax:
[normal text] | [place any effects that are comma separated] | [text you want to change] | reset | [normal text]

Actually I just have a question.
How long does it take for your custom or uploaded backgrounds and story covers take to get reviewed? Thankyou

It takes up to 3 business days I believe.

hi !!
How do I make my character seem to be running very very fast?

You can use the time function but you’ll have to use spot directing. So if you want to character to run offscreen, here’s an example of what it could look like:
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 -100 0 in 0.1 AND CHAR does it while [insert a running animation]

The “0.1” basically means how fast the character will reach the spot. The lower the number, the faster.

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I have a question so I made my main charecters clothes and right know im like trying to figure out how to change her clothes but without a choice so for exaple the name of the clothes is LUNA_towel and I want her to like be wearing that but when I write @LUNA_towel is screen center it says its an invalid code so im having trouble with that and i dont know exactly how to write the code so she can be wearing the towel and thats were im stuck right now am i writing the code wrong?how am i soppose to write it?is their a certain code to help with that?

Instead of writing “@LUNA_towel is screen center” try doing:
@LUNA changes into LUNA_towel
@LUNA stands screen center

It’s been 3 years that I am reading episode stories ( I found them very interesting) and I love it !!
That’s why I wanted to write a story but It’s a litle bit difficult for me : I am a french high school student . Even if I am learning english since I am 6 years old and that I am on a particular class in school ( Europeean classes, I have history and Geograhy in English since my 13 years old),it’s harder to understand some instruction like for example how to make our characters hug.
That’s why I am requesting your help.
Thank you very much