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Thanks for the help

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You can also do

@CHARACTER runs to shot #.# # #

But that only works for classic.

music car_beepbeep

@pause for a beat
@ENRIQUE stands offscreen left
Luna get your ass over hear we are leaving

@LUNA is eyeroll
LUNA (talk_call_out)
Im coming!!!
@LUNA exits left AND LUNA is run_athletic

How do i make the sound for a certain time then stop?

ummm ignore enrique talking LOL:sweat_smile:

Instead of saying “music car_beepbeep”, try “sound car_beepbeep”.

hi, i am new here. i got my story already but dont know how to code. i tried it but got stuck. can you please introduce me to someone that can help?

I think you can find some videos in this thread:

Also check out the tutorial stories that can be found in your portal.

These are the basic spots for placing a charecter

@CHARACTER stands screen right
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@CHARACTER stands screen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen right
@CHARACTER stands back far left
@CHARACTER stands back left
@CHARACTER stands back right
@CHARACTER stands back far right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left


thank you so much

thanks. how do i allow the readers choose a name and also customize themselves?

You can find a customization template here made by @MariaG . All you need to do is delete everything except for the hairstyle and lip color choices:

Character Customization Templates (INK and LL) Directing Helps & Tips

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Good day guys!
I’m Maria, author of Angoria and I’m here to help you with customization script templates !
For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, these templates are a piece of coding you type while writing your story in the Writers’ Portal, in order to enable the reader to customize the characters. It takes hours to create a code like this, but fear not! I have links for both customization script templates, INK and Limelight!

From :star::star:Ella_on_episode and Dara Amarie :star::star: on Instagram:
INK Female Customise Character Script Template
INK Male Customize Character Script Template

From :star::star:Joseph Evans :star::star: on EpisodeLife:
Limelight Female Customize Character Script Template
Limelight Male Customize Character Script Template

If you are facing any errors, screenshot the problem, send it below and I’d be happy to help!
Hope that helped! REMEMBER. Always give credit to the creators!

Love, Maria :cherry_blossom:

Does anyone know how to have a speechbubble appear with no character?
Like Background voices.

Yes! Create a new character and put nothing in the display name box.

But I don’t want the character to appear on screen. Just the speechbubble.

Make the character appear offscreen like this:
@CHARACTER stands offscreen right

It worked! Thanks for the help:)

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You’re welcome! :grin:


how do i allow the reader change their name please?

Use this code:
input| What’s your first name? | What’s your first name? | done(NAME)

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I have a question how do i make a charecter sit or stand behind the background like far away