Need Directing Help? This is the Thread for You!

And whenever you want to use the reader’s name just put NAME in brackets like this: [NAME]


You can use back positions:
@CHARACTER stands back right
@CHARACTER stands back left
@CHARACTER stands back far right
@CHARACTER stands back far left

You can use spot directing. However, be careful with your layers and the size of the character!

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Glad I could help! :wink:

I have a question how do i move like the camera so it can capture the whole view like in every zone

You can do:
@pan to zone [#number of zones]

can someone help me plz???

(Sorry, Maria! Really hope you don’t mind girl, just a one time thing!)

In your script you have
@ALEX spot 0.731 174 335 AND ALEX stands back left

Delete the bolded part, because it is ignoring the spot placement you gave. Make sure to delete the stands back left part for every character, too.


Don’t worry! You’re welcome to chime in any time. :sweat_smile:

I have a question how do I make a charecter in ink version walk behind the background and also enter and exit from behind the background?

And walk towards the background also?is their any code for that?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “behind the background”. :joy: Do you mean just entering and exiting?

Yes I mean entering and exiting from the background

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If you want the character to just enter and exit normally, here’s what you can do:
@CHAR enters from [right or left] to [screen spot]
~add some code in between~
@CHAR exits [right or left]

I’m pretty sure this is what you meant, so if you want the character to enter and exit behind the characters in front here’s what you can do:
@CHAR spot [enter zoom, x, and y values and make sure the x value is negative]
@CHAR walks to spot [same zoom and y values but change the x value between 0 to 320]
@CHAR walks to spot [same zoom and y values but change in x value to be greater than 360]

yes this is what i meant thank you

I forgot to mention that make sure the background characters are at the lowest layer and have them walk to the spot in a specified time so it doesn’t look like they’re speeding across.

thank you

No problem! :smiley: