Need directing help!

OK, so I’m using the background: EXT. ATLANTA - NIGHT. And I’m trying to get it to start in zone 3 and pan to the sign that says welcome to atlanta, which i think is in zone 1. But the problem is that when i try and watch it, the background just keeps panning like a loop and doesn’t stop, nor does it even reach the sign. How do I fix this?

lol this is probably so easy and I’m just dumb.

Try this and see if it works

 @cut to zone 3
 @transition fade in black 3
 @pause for a beat
 @pan to zone 1 in 4

I don’t think this background loops because it doesn’t have the word LOOP or LOOPING in its name.

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Apparently this is a looping background (altough it doesn’t say so :roll_eyes:)

You can upload this to the art catalog and this will not loop :wink:


Oh wow I didn’t know that??? Thank you! I’ll keep this in mind for future references!

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I didn’t know that either :thinking: But I checked it myself and boom it was looping :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much! Just wondering if I have to credit you?

I tried uploading it and it says the backgrounds to small.

You’ll have to resize it…
1- Go to this website to resize it (highly recommended) Click Here!
2- Select this background, then click on “Dimensions”, and resize the pic to this size 1920x1136 (it’s a 3 zone background)

nvm, I got it. I just saved it the wrong way. lol

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Whoops. Then it’s okay then :grin:

That’s great :wink: no, you don’t need to credit me :wink:

OK tysm again :grin:

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No problem😄

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