Need directing suggestions/advice asap!

so basically i’m writing an INK story and i have decided to add a beach scene where the mc and love interest are just talking (cliche i know lmao) but i don’t know how to direct it? like i don’t wanna make them stand up throughout the whole scene cause that’s awkward but there’s no sitting animations that don’t require a chair or something…is there anything i can even do about that?

the bg i’m using is EXT. ST JEZEBEL ISLAND BEACH - NIGHT


You can get an editor or edit yourself some legs with the background over it so you can cover the actual characters bottom half. Other then that I got nothing
but I hope this helps~

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I was thinking about trying the second option but i literally wouldn’t know where to start :weary:


There is like one animation that may be useful it is called idle_sit_legsup_neutral_loop

that’s only an LL I think.

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make a post or search into the creators corner ~~~