Need drama ideas for a pool party scene 🥺

My story is a reality show story, and in the 3rd episode the show announces that it’s a free-day which means that’s there’s no challenge for the day, hence they can do whatever they want so they decide to throw a rooftop BBQ pool party, but I don’t want this scene to be a filler and I’m wondering if you guys have any drama ideas?

Characters / Show contestants

  • MC
  • 2 LIs
  • 1 geeky best friend
  • Socially awkward guy with crush on geek above
  • Regina George wannabe
  • Mysterious stalker

Someone gets pushed in the pool!
Maybe the wannabe and geeky best friend


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a spicy game of truth or dare between everyone ? mainly spicy for the 2 LI’s & the MC :wink:


Maybe like that and then the wannabe gets angry at the geek and the wannabe gets pushed in the pool!

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Pool wrestling, girls on boys shoulders, the object of which is to throw the opponent off balance. (The boys are merely the mounts, the girls are the ones competing.)

There could be a whole thread or minigame on picking partners, based on current alignments/love interests, and then someone is injured, slips on the deck, or needs saving from drowning, interrupting the game, leaving it unresolved.

There could also be a minigame of the actual wrestling, with a three-choice PUSH, BLOCK, DODGE or something like that, 1 team on 1, if you’re ambitious. (In structure / rules it would work like rock-paper-scissors. One move is good to win or block against another, a different move will result in being dismounted.)


You have very amazing ideas! :joy:
I would never! :rofl:


yea !!

Maybe the awkward guy doesn’t feel well going into the pool, like maybe he’s insecure about being in a swimsuit, doesn’t like water, or can’t swim. And then the Regina George wannabe pushes him in?

I know it’s a bit cliche haha. I can’t think of anything else that doesn’t include drowning.


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