Need edit for one of my backgrounds

can someone help me with a beach in the window , instead of the display it has now?

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I could try :slight_smile:

awesome thank you so much.

Hi! I have finished it, it looks a bit rough but it has the beach background <3

is there anyway you could add the window back to it ? I must’ve given a bad description my apologies. . I wanted the beach in the background but with the window frame still on it.

Um that would be a bit hard but…

Okay thank you anyways though.

I gotchu! I’ve already created something like this, would you mind if I sent it to you privately? I keep my backgrounds in a drive that only people who have accepted the terms, so I’m a little iffy ab posting it open like this lol. let me know if you’d like that!

thats okay go ahead and send the details .
thank you