Need Edited Art Background

I need this artwork to be destroy and on fire and dark skies to fit in the atmosphere. Is their anyone who change these altercations.

that is a very pretty background. where did you get it from?

From a free image website so it has no copyright issue for me to use or alter

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Not sure if this is what you were looking for but I gave it a shot


Honestly that’s what i was definitely looking for but could you also added some meteors that are aiming directly towards the city? It’s what i need in my story!!

Sorry for the delayed response! I made the meteors an overlay too just in case :')

Thank you so much u r a lifesaver it looks wonderful!!!

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ur really talented js letting u know

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aw, thank you!! <3

Hey could you also send me the fire as overlays?

And the background with no fire as well?

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sure thing! sorry in advance since the way I edited it is a bit funky :sweat_smile:


no problem with this :>


the fire overlay should be the top layer :>

I have a castle layer that goes on top of the smoke and under the fire; otherwise the castle looks really dark

the smoke looks goofy but it works

here’s the bg with smoke if that works better :sweat_smile:

smoke bg

No worries thank you so much tho!!!

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