Need editor for story

I am again requesting help with my story (just the coding animation)
like overlays and etc. The story is finished and I have not published I want to fix the errors in my story. This is my first story. I would like someone in the east coast time zone please so there won’t be any misunderstanding. I had someone trying to help me, but because of the different time zone unfortunately it did not work out. The person is a great editor, but the time zone was a problem.

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Hey, if you still need someone, I go by est, and I’m a pretty advanced coder I think :blush:

I’m sorry if I put the post in the wrong place, I went to the help corner, but it was locked

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Thank you so much for your reply, my story is finished I just need help with the animations like the overlays and such. Please direct me how we will start and what information you will need from me to make that happen. Also what hours you are available, I don’t want to cut into your daily work or you helping someone else

I’ll pm you :blush:

Ok, thank you!

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