Need Episode Cover Art


Hello, I have story that has a solid following and would love any talented artist to showcase their work here because I need cover art. Please message me if interested. I’m serious.


While I don’t make cover art, I do make splashes, so if you need those, you could head over to my splash shop:

I do know that there are quite a few talented people who make cover art on here, so you should have no trouble finding them. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for sharing that. I will most likely want some splashes for my upcoming stories too. I’m interested! Your splashes look great. Also, would you mind telling me who the cover art makers are?


You’re welcome, and thank you! Here’s one of my favorite cover artists on here who’s requests are open:

Her cover art is fantastic and fast.


Omg you’ve been so helpful. I will be sending a request soon :heart:


Hi Jessie!
Are you still I’ll let looking for cover art? I’d love to help!

Please accept & with Love,


I would still be interested in looking for cover art.


Awesomely! PM me


Hey, I can! Please view my art story thread, it has all my work!


Hey FreakyEvilMargs do you still do cover art? <3


She does, but she’s not on all the time. You might want to check with other threads rn.


@JessieXO Hi! I can make a cover for you! I also make Backgrounds as well.
Here are a few covers I made:


Hi! Yes, I’d love to make one for you.

@Annaliese_Clairemont please don’t say that… it’s advertisimg for yourself when @episode-studio will prob be making it with me…