Need Episode Covers? New Artist Looking for something to do!


Hi I am new to Episode forums! I enjoy creating traditional art but I found Episode and enjoyed reading the stories people made. There was a cover contest I just entered on IG and really enjoyed making digital art.

So if anyone would like a cover I can make one for you! All you need to do is send me the characters you would like on it in the style you ( ink, limelight) and if you want a background as well.

Please be patient with me on these forums I’m still learning how to use them! Thanks




Do you have any examples I could look at???


I am making demos as we speak they will be up soon, Thanks!


Of course!


alright 2 examples are up now :slight_smile:


Those are great, could I pm you details and looks???


What do you use for editing?


Sure, sorry for the late reply.


All good, thanks


I use Canva and Pixlr