Need experienced coding & directing writing partner!

Hello All,
I’m an Episodian. I’ve written 6 chapters till now, but there must be errors as it is going to be my first story.
So kindly, contact me and make my writing error-free and by looking at those I think I can learn too!
Please, Those who can really guide me and edit my writing reply here! I’m in extreme need of person who can make my writings error-free and in return I can offer

  1. Real good plots with twists
  2. Perfect language and grammar
  3. Beta reading
  4. Character making
  5. Putting just the perfect animation
    And the least but not the last - except programming ANY KIND OF HELP THAT’LL FULFILL YOUR STORY NEEDS TO BE PUBLISHED.
  6. Making any scene as backgrounds and 7. Making cover images are also my strengths to offer in return to make my story error-free.

Is there anyone, disguised as my guardian angel? :innocent:

Waiting reply/replies.
Ani.14 :slightly_smiling_face: