**Need experienced writing partner**


I’m looking for an experienced partner for my story, I need you to help me with the dialogue and narration, if you have Instagram that’s even better because I’m more active there, i need urgently anyone who is interested please DM me on @fongjoline


I’m often on Instagram. My phone is currently dead, and it’s past 10 here. I’d love to help though.


Do you have experience for this?


Yes, quite a bit.


I’m currently writing a collage love story about a teacher and students love story, are you interested?


Yes, I am.


Do you have your own story? If you don’t mind we can discuss on Instagram but I need people who able to respond to me very often


Yes. I do have a few stories out.


Could you discuss with me on Instagram?


It’s almost 11 PM here, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow, if that’s OK?