Need Extras for Servants! ***I NEED BOYS***

I need background extras (some speaking roles) to be servants in a Downton Abbey style house. My only requirement is that the men have short (or tied up) hair and women have updos, because that would fit the era best. If you’re okay with me changing it, you can give me characters without those things.

I will put thanks in my story and on my Instagram. If I end up making your extra into a more important speaking character, I will read your story or another story if you want.


Feel free to change the hair and outfit :slight_smile:
my ig: goji.episode

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Here’s me

For the hair requirement you can change the hair to “Morning Updo”

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•Feel to change their hairstyles
Instagram @ryder_epii

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I’ve been coding in this part of my story and I have put in one character for each of you so far.