Need feedback in this please

Hey Could you please say the feedback for my upcoming story plot?

The famous music team started audtion! And you get in! But dont be too happy. How about some rivals, strict parents & steamy romance? explore your life. Good luck! You might need it (FULL CC +Choices)


Sub genre Drama, Mystery and Thriller, Romance

Please share your feedback


it sounds good, but maybe a little cliché?
obviously you haven’t explained the full plot, but if there’s anything that separates your story from the rest, make sure to get it into the description! :star_struck:

also, i’d change the first sentence of the summary:
The [NAME OF MUSIC TEAM] are taking auditions!

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Okay! Thank you! I wanted to share the description… Because I am not really confident.

aww it’s fine!
don’t doubt yourself and your abilities angel :pleading_face:

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Aww thank you, :pleading_face:

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no problem, good luck angel! <3

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