NEED Feedback on my Cover Art

Hey my loveys, I’m currently working on a new story and would love some feedback on my cover. I know its simplistic…but I kinda like it that way. However, I realize that because I like it the vast majority may not. So tell me what you think.

Should I change the colors? Put the characters in it? Etc.

PS. I’m also down for collaborations :wink:

Story Description:
The crush, the bad boy, the best friends, the mean click … and a stalker. This story may start out like any typical teenage romance story. However, it’s anything but. A murderous monster is lurking in your school halls and they have their eyes on you. Will you be able to escape their clutches? (CC)

I love the sound of your story and I think that the creepy-ness of the little face really brings it too life. I like the contrast between the yellow and black, but I think you could try changing the yellow to red, just to see what it would look like. I feel that the red would match the writing and outline of the face more, and it may make it a bit more creepy. Just a thought :thinking:

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Oooo it’s a hard one… The red matches and looks more horror-y, but the yellow pops a lot more.

Thats what I was thinking.

I would recommened the yellow - black combination

The red black looks good though but if you want that creepy ness to stay that way as you want it to be than the yellow one is great

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Thank you, Ryan!

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I like the yellow though… it adds to the eerie cheerfulness that the smiling face gives off. Very creepy :ok_hand:t3:


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