Need Feedback on my new story: The Crimson’s Vampire Curse

I’ve worked on my new story for a month and finally published it at 1am at my time. I was wondering if anyone wanted to read it and give me feedback if you want or have time.

Author: Kassidy aka Niyah
Story type: Ink and also their are choices and dressing games

Description: One night changed her life meeting a vampire name Charles Crimson. Years later when a baby is born it turns out that she is cursed. Will there ever be a happy ending for them all?

Also they have a limit on how much you can type and I wanted more information on it. The story is about a baby girl but it’s also about her parents and siblings. Well you’ll see what I’m talking about if you plan to read it :smile: Thx for your time reading this. Also if you like vampires then this is for you :joy:


I will add it and check it out :heart:

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Here’s the story link:

Thx :grin:

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