Need Feedback on Outfits


I’m working on a medieval story!

Here’s the plan; I’m going to implement a point system. My story will be an interactive game where you can earn GOLD (points) through certain dialogue or exploring. You’ll earn gold pieces (counted with the point system) and be able to purchase things like potions and outfits.

Keep in mind, some outfits will seem plain and a bit ugly on purpose because, well, it’s cheap.
Here are some of my outfits.

Let me know what you think.


“Peasant, Plunder”


“The Matrix, Rogue, and Adventurer.”


“Fae, Goddess, and Grace.”



Your thoughts?
I will add more outfits for sure!


I could help :slight_smile:


Would be appreciated! :blush:


I like everything just I think the first outfit in the cheap section looks more than cheap but it’s totally your call but just thought I should tell you :blush:


Maybe put the first one in the cheap section in the mid or just replace it if you’d like🙃


Like I said, I’m still making outfits so I can move stuff around.


Alrighty so then so far you’re on an amazing track and let me know if you need any more help :slight_smile: