Need feedback on story! Instagram follow!

So I have a story I want feedback on. If anyone could do it, I would really appreciate it! And if you do have an Instagram, write it down bellow for a follow.

Title: Better Than Ever
Author: Miranda
Instagram: miranda_epi

Would you like a read for read as we are already friends in insta :blush: ?!


Hello Miranda, I run a review (shameless self promo :joy: ) atm requests are closed however I don’t mind fitting this review in despite that and providing feedback :heart:


Hello Roy, since you responded on this thread would you like to give Miranda feedback without doing a read 4 read? She didn’t mention anything about read 4 reads in her post. Would you give her a review without expecting something in return?

Aww, thank you! I would love to get feedback from you! :heart::heart:

Yeah… That’s also not a problem…

Glad to hear :+1:

All right Miranda, i’ve added you on my list (only has you on it) :+1:

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Thank you so much!:blush:

Np :heart:

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Hi! My insta is @donkeyfukka.episode

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