Need feedback on this edit


What do you think of this?:


Love it she looks just like the girl from Harry Potter forget her name tho. If she had black hair she will of looked like ALEX from wizards of place lol


Yeah, she was supposed to look like the girl from Harry Potter. Her name is Hermione by the way.


It is a really nice try, although I think her face is a little too blurry…


Don’t mind me, I just deleted a post because I’m blind af and I misunderstood.


Well you did good if that pic is for a story I will love to read the story


Thanks. I will try to improve.


No, it’s not for a story. I was just practising.


Or ok kool


You kinda went a bit too dark on the contour so try lighten them up a little. Also don’t use white to highlight use a lighter colour of her skin tone.


Hermione Granger! :open_mouth:


If you ever need honest feedback got to this link…we will be more then happy to help:)


Okay, thanks for the feedback!


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Wow amazing wanna join episode harmony


Thank you but I think I still need to improve :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the offer but I’m already a member of an art group.