Need FeedBack : Why Peach? (Available in English & French)

Hello I wanna know if some people are interested to read the first episode of my story.
It’s available in french and english.
I’m a French native speaker, so my english is not perfect at all…
I’ll be grateful for your help about grammer & spelling in english and tips about scripts etc.

Thanks to reply here if you’re interested.
I’ll make a discussion between beta reader with the link of the story.

Interested people :

No beta reader needed anymore. Thank you!


Je suis intéressé à lire ton premier épisode! Nous sommes pas très nombreux français sur cette application, ça vas me faire plaisir de te donner un coup de pouce!

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Coucou, avec grand plaisir !
Mais j’ai presque fini l’épisode 2, du coup j’aimerais le finir et te faire lire les 2 épisodes en même temps si ça ne te dérange pas !

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I’m glad we have another beta reader, we just need one more and than then we can make the group chat :yay:

This translates to: I’m interested in reading your first episode! We don’t have many French people who go on this app, it gives me great pleasure to give you a hand

Am I right? I didn’t use Google Translate btw :joy:


Great !!! You’re the best :scream:


1 more beta reader needed and then we can begin, warning, I might be slow :joy: :yay:


Thank you so much ! We add you in the chat discuss “Why Peach?” then! :innocent:

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