Need few Art scenes throughout my story

I am writing a story and all the cover and splashes are already done. But I want to put Art scenes in my story. I need someone who can help me with the art scenes in my story. I will give the credits and also help in any way possible. I can make covers and splash and I am good at writing and story building. If anyone can help me please contact me here or on my insta @shona_episode. Your efforts will be deeply appreciated.

  • With love Shona.

I do cartoonish art scenes if that whats you want if not then its fine :grin:

But I can also do others still practicing :grinning:

Your’s is good. Can you show me any more of your work?

I’ve got some stuff I can show you, but it’s up to you who you pick!

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Thats all I really have right now besides these type

I got a bunch of outlines as well lol

I have done a bunch of profile pics but thats a lot to send if you have insta all of them are there Art_episode

We can if they cant

Those are really nice… :heartpulse:

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I will let you know… But requests take lot of time…

And I need more than one all throughout the story…

It’s really nice… I will let you know soon

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Thanks :kissing_heart: